Programming Language Wars and Elitism (paper)

In my first year of university, I took a “Social & Ethical aspects of IT” course. The final task of the course was to write a mini paper on some human aspect of IT. I chose to write about programming language wars and elitism in programming. Full essay here.

Ever since programming as a discipline gained traction in the 1950s, a sizeable number of programming languages have been created with many divergences between them.

While these languages usually had a goal in mind, be it a philosophy of code writing or a specific application, they also stirred up a part of the programming community who does not see language differences this way.

For them, the purpose of the language is secondary and what matters is the reputation of the language itself.

However, such behaviour has deep roots within human nature and is not unique to the programming community, although today’s digital world extends the damage it may cause.

Read the full essay here.

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